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2010 American Iron National Championships - Social Calendar


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We have a great group of entrants for this year's National Championship event.

Behind the scenes, they were all hungry for the social party calendar before the technical details!!!

For those American Iron racers, friends families and groupies that will be at Miller, here's the tentative social calendar:


a) Every night will be social nite at Group A & B Race Central. (between Balignut & Fernandez RV spots). Come by and say hello!

b) Committed contributions from our racers include a sound system, video system, race videos and race simulator on an ultra wide screen.

c) New this year, will be some competitive after hours games such as bean bags, poker and such.


Here's how the week will flow...

Wed afternoon - Series Tech at Group A/B Race Central

Wed nite - mandatory drivers meeting (& informal group photo) immediately following the NASA Welcome Meeting

Thur early AM - mandatory car/driver group photo (fully suited) on front straight before track goes hot for our session...(LeMans style start following photo shoot?!?!?!)

Thur late AM - mandatory drivers meeting at Group B race central

Thur PM - optional Group A & B reception/party/dinner at our race central

Fri late AM - mandatory driver meeting at Group B race central

Fri PM - optional Group B social with Bean Bag Competition, Music Videos and general Todd-Foolery (lights out early for Group A who competes the next day...Group B will conduct bed checks)

Saturday - optional Group B Activity? Group A Championship Race Viewing Spot? Karting Competition? Museum Tour? Other TBD.

Sun AM - mandatory drivers meeting

Sun postrace - mandatory podium/trophies/group photo/ National Champion crowning.


For those who aren't able to make it, that's what you're going to miss! Wish you could be there.

We're off to the track now and will post updates here and on the American Iron Facebook page throughout the week!


-=- Todd Covini

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Ed McGuire and I will be watching all the races live sunday and some saturday in charlotte while drinking beer and eating pizza for those who want a runnerup to being there...

In fact may even play some PS3 inbetween.

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