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Jack Canfield Memorial Three Hour Enduro


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Jack Canfield Memorial Three Hour Enduro

11 October 2010

Atlantic Motorsport Park

Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia


The Third Annual Jack Canfield Memorial Three Hour Enduro will take place at Atlantic Motorsport Park in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, October 11, 2010. The race is to celebrate the contributions Jack made to motorsport in the Atlantic Region and to regenerate the fun times we all have racing. There are no points towards any championships, no money to be made by the winners and only a couple of ostentatious trophies to be awarded for the fastest survivors. There will be a lot of fun, friendships and lying about racing. The money generated by the various sponsors and incidental entry fees will be given to the track to improve the facilities and keep it running. AMP, ARRCA, MRT, BAC and Paul the tow guy are donating their services for this event. In addition, there will be a pot-luck lunch for everybody: racers, crews, friends families and spectators to share and enjoy. Bring food for yourself and another to share. There will be teams from BC, Quebec and the US taking part to race with the local racers and former racers for the fun of the sport.

An extra special event this year will be a unique test race for Legends cars prior to lunch.



You will require a prepared and scrutineered race car to compete. You will also need all the safety gear like helmets and driving suit to drive.

You will require a current race license or have held a race license sometime in the last few years. If you are unsure of your eligibility, ask me and a determination will be made.



$100 per car. Any number of drivers may drive the car during the race. Please make cheques out to Atlantic Formula Racing Association or Atlantic Motorsport Park.



Practice will take place from 9:00 am October 11 until 11:00 am. Times from practice may have some effect upon grid position.


Starting Grid:

The starting grid shall be determined by the marshals with possible thought given to the speed of your car, what colour it is and any other arbitrary bit of information they deem appropriate.


The Start:

The start shall be a rolling start behind a pace car. The car on Pole Position, when the pace car has entered the pit lane, shall determine the starting pace until the green flag is displayed from the starter’s bridge indicating the start of the race.


The Race:

The race will be a three hour endurance race for sedans. The car with the most laps completed after three hours of racing will be declared the winner.


Pit Stops:

Each car will be required to complete one pit stop during the race. The pit stop will be required to be for a minimum of five minutes from the time the car stops in the pits to the time the car leaves the pits. Safe pit speeds will be enforced. Penalties may be applied for carelessness. Driver changes may take place during a pit stop. Actually, it would be preferred if you stopped to change drivers. The car shall be switched off before the driver exits the vehicle. The next driver shall be properly belted in prior to restarting the car. If refueling is to be done, the car must be switched off, the driver out of the car and a team member standing by with a fire extinguisher while a suited and helmeted crew member fuels the vehicle. No other work can be performed on the car while it is being fueled.



The usual flags will be used by the marshals to control the race. If there is an incident, a yellow flag will be shown two marshal stands before the incident. Immediately before the incident a waved yellow flag will be shown. No passing shall take place under yellow flags. Racing and passing may only take place after the racer passes the stand displaying the green flag after the incident. If there is an incident that cannot be controlled by the yellow flag, a waved red flag shall be shown at each marshal stand. Drivers shall slow to first gear speed and proceed to pit lane or as otherwise directed by the marshals. If the marshal moves to the edge of the track with the waved red flag. The driver shall stop immediately and await instructions. A red flag moment shall not contribute to the mandatory five minute pit stop. Cars in the pits will stop their pit time upon the waving of the red flag and only continue timing after the red flag period is ended. A restart behind the pace car will follow a red flag. A black flag will be shown with the car’s number at corner 9 if there is a situation or issue with the designated car. Situations such as rough driving, passing under yellow, poor sportsmanship or mechanical issues may generate the black flag. The car shown the black flag must enter the pits within three laps to have his or her digression explained by a steward before being allowed back into the race. In the case of a mechanical black flag, the situation that caused the flag must be repaired and approved by a steward prior to the granting of permission to reenter the race. Sometimes the blue flag will be shown to a slower car being overtaken by a faster car. This flag is for information only. The debris flag (red and yellow stripes) denotes debris on the track and the driver shall take note. It may also be shown to make the driver aware of small animals who have wandered onto the racing surface.


Common Sense:

While this is a race, the drivers are requested to use common sense when confronted with a situation that may lead to an accident or damage to a car. Rough driving will be penalized.



8:00 Paddock opens. Registration opens, scrutineering.

9:00 Drivers meeting.

9:05 Practice begins.

11:00 Practice ends.

11:15 Legends Car race.

12:00 Lunch, registration closes.

12:50 Race drivers meeting, grid positions.

12:55 False grid.

1:00 Pace car exits pits.

1:02 Race starts.

4:02 Chequered Flag.

4:45 Prize Presentation........


Times are subject to change



There may be more rules to come later or maybe not if the above is understandable.

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