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Lemons team looking for cheap (or free) sn 95 rear springs

matt f

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Hi everyone,


Fellow NASA member, racing an 88 T Bird Turbo Coupe' at Gingerman 10/8- 10/10. Todd Honczarenko helped us out with a seat for our first race, so I figured I'd give it one more try.


Previously finished 21st out of 84 while blowing oil out like the exxon valdez. We've (hopefully) got that problem resolved, but are looking for some help with rear springs. We cut 1 1/2 front coils from the front of the car, and when we went to do the rears, found a progressive rate spring. We'd like to try to use something like a stock 2000+ GT, or mach 1 / bullit spring. We have a very limited budget, so price, unfortunately, is a consideration.


My email: mattftoo at comcast dot net


Thanks for reading.


Matt Ferenchak

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What's cheap? I've got a set of nearly new 5.5x11-inch 250 lb/in springs, which are basically identical to the rear spring used in a Mach 1 and a great rear spring for a Mustang with stock four-link. Make me a reasonableoffer!

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my budget for this race was 200.00 (500-300 residual). I spent 105 on front struts, 30.00 on seals, 30.00 for a timing belt. I've got 35.00 left, and that's supposed to be at my door. (18915)


Every 10.00 over 500 costs me a lap.


How low can you go?

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