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CMC Championship Results


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Provisional results for CMC and CMC2 are as follows:



1 Dave Balingit

2 Rob Liebbe

3 Erik Sjoblom

4 Don Lariviere

5 Team Incidental Contact

6 Kent Owens

7 Adam Ginsberg



1 Team Life's Good Racing

2 Jeremiah Kellam

3 Nick Steel

4 James Ray

5 Robin Burnett

6 Michael Plum


As soon as the results become final I will let you know. Some of the pictures I took from the starters stand the winners circle are below...



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There was a change in CMC and CMC2 after impound yesterday....



Dave Balingit and Rob Liebbe were DQ because of tech infractions. Finishers are as follows:


1 Erik Sjoblom

2 Don Lariviere

3 Team Incidental Contact

4 Kent Owens

5 Adam Ginsberg



Team Life's good racing was DQ because of a tech infraction, I believe it had to do with his splitter. Finishers as follows:


1 Jeremiah Kellam

2 Nick Steel

3 James Ray

4 Robin Burnett

5 Michael Plum

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