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2010 NASA ST2 National Race, Oli Smokes the Competition


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2010 NASA ST2 National Race, Oli Smokes the Competition in Under 60 Seconds on Vimeo


I was gridded 7th in a 22 car ST2 field. I was not real happy with that. I felt it was a very poor showing for me and my car. While I was not carrying the speed I thought I should, my car was proving to be a reliable and good performer as usual. She was prepared as well as could be for the big race. She was completely sound mechanically.


After running over 250 miles in practice, qualifying sessions and qualifying races, today at 10 AM I went to grid to take my spot in P7 for the race. The car idled for five minutes on grid as the race group prepared to leave for the warm-up lap and race start. What happens next is amazing. If I told you how I smoked the competition before the race even started without proof in pictures and video you would say it is not possible.




I don't even make it past Turn 1 of the warm-up lap and I am in dire trouble. The oil filter on a Corvette is so well protected how it gets a hole is a complete mystery.


I shut-off the engine soon enough to prevent damage. We fixed the car and we are now on the road to race the SCCA Runoffs at Road America next Sunday.

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I heard someone saw a garden gnome with a pick axe running away from your car just as you left the grid.


Ill check my video of you guys getting onto pit out.......

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Good lord that filter is huge! No wonder you had a problem, it's almost as large as the Hoosiers behind it! Just run a smaller filter next time!

Tough break Oli, best of luck at the Run-offs, let me know if I can help.


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