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Can i race my nissan 240Sx


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what do i need to do to race my nissan 240sx?

i got a lot's of mods on it...


the good's

Engine its a SR20DET Turbo

forged pistons and rods

270 cams and valves springs.

full road racing suspension

18" wheels lite weight



the bad's

no racing seats

no roll cage

no bigger brakes

no weight reduction


what class can i race? what racing licenses do need? i have a FIA Licenses for since 1996...

what do i need to do to my car to race?

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Talk to your home region, which if you live in GA, it would be the southeast. I am not sure what NASA procedure is for FIA licenses. No offense to you but we had two guys here in the Florida region show up with FIA licenses and were terrible drivers so NASA will probably want to give you a check out before they let you compete.


If you want to race wheel to wheel, the car must have a cage, and the driver must have all safety equipment. Its all in the CCRs. A 240sx would race in Performance Touring, not sure of the subclass (PTA-F). Best of luck.

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This could get interesting.

unsolicited opinion! oh noes!! (kidding!)


If I were mentoring this guy I'd shoot to get him out at an event and see what he had - could end up being anywhere on the spectrum from 100% noob to race ready. You never know

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I start racing when i was 13 years old back on brasil, my first year on shifter Kart 200cc was amazing i was the best on my ss but i just done 6 races on the year, i got approve for a FIA licenses on my first race, i done a 24hr on Moroso Florida on 2008, 6hr race in Lowes motor speed way in 2008 my time was sponser by Andretti Racing, 2007 i done road racing on WKA karting, shifter kart done 3 races but i think is to danger, never race a car on a track, just on street, i built my nissan 240sx for Driffting but its ok not even close to road race, so my car have 200 miles on the engine, 400hp at the wheels.. and i dreaming to race road atlanta for the 3rd time but now on a car not in a kart..


i just need to convert my car to a full racing car and see what i can do it on the track...

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You can do an event as a HPDE student, which is a noncompetitive environment. It would be best for you in my opinion at least in the beginning to learn road racing and the new car. Best of luck, the southeast region is a great group!

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yep - just go into whatever HPDE level they're comfortable with you being in with a humble attitude and if you're ready to move up they'll move you up. The Southeast guys are great about recognizing aptitude and readiness if its there

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