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FR500S-GTS/AI Mustangs


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FR500S-GTS/AI Mustangs


Here is your chance to get into a Pro Racing Series with a great TV package at a fraction of the cost typical of Pro Racing on TV. Plus - you can leverage Kenny Brown’s storied 24 years of building and racing Mustangs to give you a competitive advantage in Pro Racing!

The SCCA chose Kenny Brown’s new GT-4C high-performance Mustang suspension as a legal upgrade for FR500S Mustangs in World Challenge GTS. Kenny Brown is offering FR500S Mustangs upgraded to World Challenge GTS spec, prepped and ready to race.

KB - GTS spec FR500S Mustangs also make for a very competitive cross-over to American Iron or a killer track day car for motorsports country clubs. These are professional grade racecars upgraded and prepped by a professional race mechanics all under the watchful eye and careful direction of Kenny Brown.

Each KB-FR500S-GTS/AI is custom built for the individual driver, upgrades and options are engineered and designed by Kenny specifically for each client’s needs, skill set, use and budget.

Prices for the KB-FR500S-GTS/AI typically range from $59k to $75k depending on the base FR500S used and individual client’s choice of options like; wheels, shocks, engine upgrade, etc. Kenny also offers driver coaching, set-up and track tuning training as well as servicing, prep and track support services for AI and/or GTS.

If you aspire to be in Professional Racing but thought it was out of your reach – here is your chance to be a Pro, Race like a Pro in a Pro racecar with support from one of the best in the business, Kenny Brown. For more info call 317.396.2768 or [email protected]

Kenny’s awesome SuperGrip GT-4C suspension for 2005+ Mustangs is also available as a kit for WC-GTS, high-performance street, track days and makes for a great driving and really fast AI Mustang.

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