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Wheel Recommendations for Florida races


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I'm in progress of building my Honda Challenge CRX for the Florida region, and I've come to a tough decision.... Wheels.


Honda Challenge doesn't limit wheel weight, only size, on a CRX I really dont want to go any bigger than a 15x7, and all my SM friends will be able to toss me there used tires at that size. (very tight budget)


So i've been searching for a good lightweight 15x7 wheel, and I've narrowed it down to two options


the TRMotorsport C1's and Enkei RPF1's


the TRMs are 12.8lbs a piece, chinese cast, and dirt cheap.


the RPF1's are 9.5lbs a piece, with a special gravity cast that Enkei claims is the best thing since sliced bread. They are relatively cheap, but would still be a strain on my budget.


From what I understand every pound of unsprung weight on the car is approx equal to 20 lbs of sprung weight (in regards to acceleration at least) so the acceleration specific weight difference for all 4 wheels would be approx 264 lbs. 264lbs is a Huge amount of weight for a CRX, however, I will be racing out at Sebring, which is a notorously bumpy track and I've heard that RPF1's have trouble with cracking/shattering on that track.


My question to you guys, is it worth it to spend a little more money for something that might not be as reliable but will be much faster? or should I save my money and get the stronger heavier wheels?



EDIT: I think I found something I like better than both, the Spinwerks series 82, 15x7s weigh in at 10.5 lbs a piece, they are slightly more expensive than the RPF1's, but they seem like they would be much stronger.

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I run the RPFs on my 3000lb Z and they have been solid. I have never heard of a Enkei failing either. The only wheel I have heard of breaking were the Rotas sheering at the spokes, though I am sure they have since fixed that. Which HC class, for our event at Sebring this weekend, we have 1 HC1, 2 HC3, and a HC4. Best of luck!

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