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2010 NASA25hr supplemental rule clarify


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52) Car numbers must be backlit. No duplicate car numbers are allowed; no exceptions!

Three digit numbers are NOT permitted. Car numbers will be assigned in the order that we received

the Vehicle Information Form, NOT by order of entry.


Car number must conform to 18.1.1 of the CCR. Reflective numbers are allowed and encouraged. The

passenger side (right side) door number must remain clean and visible to T&S. Teams are strongly

encouraged to take a few seconds to wipe that number clean during a pit stop. Vehicles with hard to read

numbers will be black flagged or not scored!

Excerpt from CCR 18.1.1 “The side numbers must be at least ten (10) inches tall with a one and

a half (1.5) inch stroke and be of a contrasting color. The front and/or rear numbers must be at

least four (4) inches tall. The distance between the numbers shall be as wide as the stroke of the



Does this mean we have to use a system like this? or can we still pass with some other form of lighting our numbers that is front-lit?




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we have lic plate lights in our doors to light up our regular meatball number. this will be our 4th year with it. No questions were ever asked about compliance. I think your normal # configuration will be OK providing it is larger than the minimum size requirements. Actually, the only thing that we were called on at Buttonwillow endurance racing was that we didn't have the class (ES) next to the rear number.



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