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Boss 302R wheels and brand new BFG


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Check out the wheels and tires that I have for sale:


Set 1) 18x10 Boss 302R wheels with sticker 275 35 18 BFG's mounted. Wheels have been used for 3 races they are in perfect condition. $2,400.00


Set 2) 18x10 Boss 302R wheels with BFG's with 2 heat cycles on them. $1,900.00


Set 3) 18x10 Boss 302R wheels with BFG's with 5 heat cycles on them $1,750.00


Set 4) 18x10 Fikse FR500C wheels scratched up $1,300.00


Set 5) Forgeline 18x9.5 black with polished lip and titanium fastners, lips need polished $1,500.00


Set 6) 4 Sticker 275 35 18 BFG's $800.00


Will consider offers on package deals.

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the Fr500 rims, Like to see a pic of them. The BBS is a good second choice. You attending the Jersey race? We are interested in the brake package also. Is there a trick to bleed the HCU unit?

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I think you might need longer studs with the FR wheels. The fronts are easy to change. just buy the FR500S hubs, they come with the longer ARP studs.


I use a Blue Point bleeder(they are all the same).


I used to use the Ford IDS to bleed the system, it did not do any better of a job. Just remember there are 2 bleeders on each Brembo front caliper.


I will not be attending the NJ race, a friend of mine is headed up there for a vintage race. We might be able to use him as the mule.


I can take a credit card thru my company Allegheny Ford Truck Sales.

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