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OG Racing Suit Trade In Program


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We’ve just created, finalized and implemented a suit trade-in program. Details are in the following link:




Our idea is to take these well used suits and hang them up around the showroom – they will go in place of the other suits currently hanging up there. The basic design theme is simple – blanket as much space as possible (hence the 100 suits we’re looking for). The rattier the suit, the better! We’ll take suits from any discipline – Dirt Track, Road Race, Autocross (??), Boat-Racing, Monster-trucks…it’ll all look good! We’ll even accept karting suits (although, note that the $100 rebate will not apply to a new karting suit for cost reasons.) We’ll make little placards to go along with the suit detailing its former owner, bio, and even a story or two.


In exchange, we’ll be offering the customer a $100 rebate good for any Sparco SFI-5 suit. This is also good for Lico and closeout Sparco suits.


As the above link states, the customer must first contact us, preferably by e-mail, and provide their Name, Mailing Address, a Short-Bio, and Make/Model/Year of suit (if known). You may take this over the phone as well if you wish, but I think e-mail communication for this will be simpler. We will then e-mail the customer a UPS label to send us the suit (yes, we are taking care of that shipping cost) and any further instructions. Please send your emails to [email protected]


There is also a separate, but similar contest running along with this program. We encourage these customers to submit a short story (no more then 500 words) about their suit. The most colorful story will win an additional $500 gift card good for any item in the OG Racing catalog.


Let me know what you think, or if you have any other questions. If this works out, we’ll continue the program beyond 100 suits. Our ultimate goal is to not only give our suit sales a burst, but to create a unique display in our showroom.

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