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I am looking to buy an open faced helmet. What snell or dot rating do I need? Could this be found at a motorcycle shop?

Are you looking for an HPDE helmet or a racing helmet?



Use a proper fitting helmet that meets Snell 1990 (SA1990; M1990) or newer (or

equivalent) standards for cars or motorcycles.



Snell 2000 ( SA2000) or better*. Ratings other

than that of “SA” (Special Application), i.e. “M1995, M2000”, are not acceptable.


*Alternatively, helmets with an FIA certification of 8860-2004, or an SFI label showing

the rating of 31.1A, 31.2A, or 31.1/2005 are acceptable.



Flip the helmet over and look under the liner. You'll see an orange sticker with the Snell designation. If the sticker does not exist, it's not Snell-rated and will not pass tech inspection.


Good luck.

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Don't forget that the rating may jump by 5 years when the new CCR comes out since the new Snell year starts next year.


SA2005 for racing




SA1995, M1995 for HPDE.

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