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Early 944 Brakes


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I am looking for Early 944 Rear Brakes 83-85 Complete W/Backing Plates, E-Brake and Hubs. If anyone has this stuff laying around and would like to get rid of it please email me at [email protected].




Sergio Nardi

So-Cal GTS Director

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Actually yes and no. Me and VW go back a long way. I bought a 73 Convertible Ghia for fun. Well it has turned into a project, what started out as quick rebuild has turned into a body off restoration. To make matters worse I have decided to take a bunch of parts I have laying around and stuff it into this poor Ghia, 2.4 ltr 911 engine, 70 901 tranny, 914-6 dash panel and gauges, fuchs, etc... So, I have read that the early 944 rear brakes are a direct bolt on to the trailing arms, actually there is a lot more I can do, with brakes. But at some point you know what I mean....can you help?



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Sure, I can help you, buddy! There's a guy here in San Diego who put an entire 944 drivetrain and suspension under a Ghia body. I believe the 83 rear calipers are unique, but I have multiples of almost all that stuff. Want some aluminum rear arms?

Same track width.

Just call me. 619.994.0919


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