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Traqdata II


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TraqData II Allows you to connect 4 analogs operating on 5, 10, or 20 volt ranges, 2 digitals, and a tach signal input to your Traqmate. It will also provide complete ON/OFF and RECORD/STOP control for a ChaseCam PDR.




* A/F Ratio - Dyno on Every Straight!

* Tire Temps - Alignment working?

* Steering Angle - How choppy are you?

* Oil Pressure - Losing Oil Pressure in the turns?

* Boost Pressure - Boost spikes and Spool Time

* Brake Light



ChaseCam Video Recorder Control Allows Traqmate to turn on and off the ChaseCam PDR-100 as well as start and stop recording synchronously with data recording. This is the same capability as TraqSync module.


Four Analog Inputs Allows Traqmate to record data from a variety of sensors for driver coaching such as throttle position and steering angle, or for vehicle tuning such as air-fuel ratio, oil pressure, or boost pressure. 5, 10, and 20 V ranges are supported. Sensors are not included.


Two Digital Inputs / Outputs Allows Traqmate to record a digital input such as a brake light or track marker switch. Allows Traqmate to trigger an external alarm for RPM or an Analog Input.


RPM InputSwitchable between COIL and ELECTRONIC voltage levels to handle almost any application.


Items Included


* TraqData II interface module

* DB15 cable for connection to Traqmate Sensor Unit

* Removable terminal strip for connection of inputs

* CAT5 Network cable for connection to ChaseCam PDR-100

* Velcro for mounting


$175 + shipping from 15143


[email protected]



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