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FR500S Mustangs Available for American Iron Racing

SpeedWorks Racing

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If you’re looking for a car to race in the American Iron Series or for a track day car to race at your local club, SpeedWorks Racing has two FR500s Mustang Challenge race cars for sale. Located in Indianapolis, these cars were campaigned in the Grand Am-sanctioned Mustang Challenge Series and maintained by professional racing mechanics. Chassis #44 has 3,623 chassis/car and engine miles. Chassis #45 has 4,642 chassis/car miles and 2,591 engine miles.


Some Features:

-- They have the required Grand-Am racing updates

-- Updated brakes

-- One car has a new transmission (chassis #45)

-- Each has one set of spare race wheels

-- One has a radio installed (chassis #44)

-- Both have high performance air filters


Upgrade Opportunities:

-- We can install the upgrade to make the Mustang a competitive cross-over to the American Iron class and make it ready to race.

-- SpeedWorks also can assemble and install the upgrade package so the FR500s can compete in the World Challenge GTS class with a Kenny Brown SCCA-approved GT-4C high-performance suspension. Again, we can prep the car and make it race ready.


Available Spare Parts:

We are also selling a spare rear end, gearbox and a number of scrubbed tires.


For more information, please contact Peter Parrott:

Phone: 317-241-3664 shop

Email: [email protected]

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