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Chump/Lemons Race Car


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My buddy is selling one of my favorite crap can race cars. Car is very reliable and I have enjoyed driving it in Chump & Lemons races. I am very familiar with the car and can answer questions or you can contact him directly. Here is the info:


FOR SALE 92' Ford Escort (aka Snotrod), 1.8 liter (Mazda engine), 5 speed, 4 wheel disc, full cage, 5 pt. harness, runs great and is mechanically solid. (# 62 car) Comes complete with 3 sets of 15" tires (205/50) & rims, many new parts, hawk pads & rotors, plus lots of spare parts. This car has run VIR, Rockingham, CMP. All you need is gas & drivers, will pass tech as is. Car is in Charlotte NC, and can be driven anytime. Call Jim @ 704-905-1301, e-mail jgmolson @ yahoo.com Make a REASONABLE offer.



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I have also driven this car at multiple races and can vouch for it as well. It will be missed as it is the best car we field in terms of reliability and fun factor.


Here is a pic at VIR South:








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