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Engine Stumble 3400-4600?? need help

Aaron B

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What's your static initial timing vs. mechanical advance in the distributor? I'd also verify with Pro Systems that your float levels aren't too high. It's possible you could have fuel sloshing through the vent tube into the venturi under hard acceleration if the level is too high. This is a common problem under heavy braking in the opposite direction, and while it's unlikely your car is accelerating THAT hard, it could be a contributor is your float level is jacked up way too high.

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Thanks Matt, I really thought I was running the floats low enough....but now that you and Patrick have both suggested the same thing I will look into it further and try to run them even lower-Fingers crossed!


Thanks it was getting really frustrating at Mid O this past weekend trying everything I could think of as I sputtered through keyhole, over 8, into 11 and out of the carousel!

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