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Parting out RX7 (first gen)


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All parts located in SF Bay area. Local pick up is prefered

More Parts to come. If you need something let me know


Bare Chassis on dolly- $500 (no suspension or drivetrain)

Chassis has a custom rollcage (built to meet SCCA EP rules)

Mariah fender flares and nose









Racing Beat Strut brace- $100





13b 4 port Street Ported- $750

No Intake or exhaust

Built by Mike Johnson/JRE




13b 6 port Street Ported-$750

Stock intake manifold

Built by Mike Johnson/JRE




13b long runner side draft intake for 4 port with dellorto carb- $300




I have 2 GSL-SE rear diffs complete with 4.10 limited slips- $150 each





Recaro seat excellent condition- $250

Current seat rails are for E36 BMW


More pics


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Built a second gen. I have most of the suspension pieces, just not a complete chassis. Plus all the wheels and tires have been sold off so it no longer rolls. Smaller lighter parts I would ship if you are interested. Strut brace, heim joint watts link etc. I would even be willing to ship the engines if needed

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Last time it was dynoed (before rebuild) was 175 RWHP with an intermittent misfire. So not really accurate to what it's true power is. I never bothered putting it on a dyno after the build

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