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Roll Call for PIR this weekend 3/5-3/6

AZ Coupe Jason

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Well, after tons of neglect I spent a day of love on the 944 and still have a little more to do. I cleaned it, taped it off and repainted the interior of the car, by the looks of it you would have thought I had been driving it inside out LOL.. It was dirty and chipped up inside. Also Added a little bit of paint to the front (functional but ugly Bumper). So who is driving this weekend?


1- Jason Boles #25

2- glen ?

3- Steve?







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how was the PCA event? Detials?


PCA was pretty good.


Entrants (Race Group)


Joe P

Chas W

Jon A

Dennis C

Michael J

Bruce M

Shirley K

Steve Schwatz


DE/Instructor (Group)

Glenn G (no spec car this time)

Steve Sapareto

John Rickard

Mike Wampler


Event went well. Only down side was Shirley got into the inside wall in Turn 1-2 area. Car was beat up bad, but passenger compartment looked great and she we fine. A little shaken however. It was a single car incident in practice.


There were a number of G stock 911 SC's out there. They run similar lap times to ours and made things a bit more interesting. I had a really tough race with the white G stock 911 #131. I out qualfied the car, but he out dragged me at the start of both the sprint and enduro. I spent alot of time trying to get by. In sprint race he was in tough battle with Norm Hamden in is Green 911 SC now in G-stock. The white car spun at the entry to 7 and I got by. Never could catch Chas who was able to use his grid position at the start to keep the 911 behind him.


In the enduro start the white 911 passed me again. This time I worked on him and ended up using a slow traffic as pick to by him in turn 2 after about 20 minutes. I pulled away over the next laps. Chas was a few seconds in front as I made my 5 Min pit stop. I guess in the exchange of stops I gained enough ground to come out in front.


Bruce Martz Ran his first PCA races. Had fun even with bone stock suspension. I am surprised he did not get seasick with ammount of roll the car had. He endured however and had fun.


Steve Schwartz came out in his old car reprepped and painted white. Ran well and the enduro was going so fast for him that an hour had passed before he started his pit stop. Well no stop meant he got DQ'ed. Lost track of time I guess.


Results and times are below.


Track conditions were sunny and upper 60's.


Sprint and Enduro Qualfying Results (GT4S)

1) Chas W---- 1:12.719 - Hoosiers

2) Joe P -----1:13.172 - Toyo

3) Jon A -----1:13.437 - Toyo

4) Dennis C ---1:13.949 - Kumho?

5) Michael J ----1:17.861 - Kumho?

6)Steve Schwartz ----1:19.590 - Kumho

7) Bruce Martz----1:20.310 - Kumho & Stock spring, shocks, sway bars


Sprint Race

1) Chas W ---- 1:12.981

2) Joe P ---- 1:13.312

3) Jon A ---- 1:14.172

4) Dennis C ---- 1:14.284

5) Michael J ---- 1:16.757

6) Steve Schwartz ---- 1:16.828

7) Bruce M ---- 1:20.578



1) Joe P ----1:13.460 - 45 Laps

2) Chas W---- 1:13.637 - 45 Laps

3) Jon A ---- 1:14.117 - 44 Laps

4) Dennis C ---- 1:15.251 - 43 Laps

5) Bruce M ---- 1:20.464 - 39 Laps

Steve Schwartz - 1:16.190 - 47 Laps (DQ as he forgot to pit)

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I knew I should have gone .. That sounds fun! Congrats to Chas W. Fast times, looks like you and John had fun aswell! Sucks to hear about Shirley, sounds like she escaped anything serious.


Cool, well sorry to see you not running Joe



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John Rickard, #77(yellow) had a little contact with one of the inside walls too, but he's already worked with AUTOBAHN and got a new door, fender, and front spoiler. Car is half way repaired already!

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Oh, sorry to hear that.


I guess that is why I saw him pulling out on his truck sunday morning.


What corner did it happen in?

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He lost it in the braking zone for the increasing radius right hander with the concrete patch. Turn 6? The side was more wrinkled than really hurt bad.

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