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offlineracing.com helping out students at 25hr Thunderhill

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Hey Guys,

I've got this program started at a local high school. The students in the auto shop program prep and crew my e30 for the 25hrs of Thunderhill. This year we have found a few sponsors. offlineracing.com is offering the kids 50% of profits from their site for the next few weeks. THE MONEY GOES TOWARDS A SCHOLARSHIP FOR THE KIDS. IT ISN'T PAYING FOR MY RACING. If you need a some racing stuff please consider offlineracing.com

I attached a press release that the kids made



How often do you buy candy bars or stale popcorn to help kids? Imagine buying some Red Line Oil, a set of Hawk Brake Pads, or other racing essentials and knowing you’re purchase is helping kids just as much!

Through a generous program offered by offlineracing.com, half of their profits are going to Porterville High School Motorsports scholarship fund. OfflineRacing.com, the race car parts and driver equipment web-site, will donate 50% of profits from sales generated on the web-site from November 16, 2010 to checkered flag of the 2010 25hrs of Thunderhill (12:00pm December 5, 2010). This money provides continuing educational opportunities to the students in the motorsports program.


PHS Motorsports is a High School based race team. The students build; act as pit crew, and even race cars. The program encourages youths to stay out of trouble and focused on education. Since 2000, the Porterville High School Motorsports program has allowed participants to receive a High School Varsity letter for being on an auto racing team. PHS will be pit crew for two teams at the 25hrs of Thunderhill.


Please visit http://www.offlineracing.com and stock up on all your racing needs. You can always tell your spouse, “It’s for the kids!” Certainly they’ll want you to help?

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