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How did you get started in Rally Sport?

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I live in Nashville, TN and would really love to get into Rallying next year, but don't know where to start? Just get a membership and sign up to volunteer? Figure out the cheapest class to run in and get a decent starting car and just go for it? So since I'm a bit confused on the 1st step I should take to do it right, I would like to get details on how some of you started out. I would appreciate any advice you've got!

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You are on the right track Volunteer and then buy an already built 2WD car unless you have fab skills or a fat wallet. SandBlast Rally is coming up soon and Anders is looking for volunteers.



Come on out and visit with all of the teams most all are very approachable. We will be in the NOS Tent at service come by grab a free drink and some stickers.



Angry Iron Racing

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