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All GTS in one run group in 2011?


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Are there any thoughts that if there's enough cars to have GTS run in a single run group? That is the way nationals are run correct? ...or will that change with the return of GTSU? At MidO that would be some cars running in the mid 1:20's and some running 1:50's, hmmmm....

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In the GL/MW Regions we have had two run groups and the split point has been putting GTS1 in the slower group and GTS2-U in the faster. The return of the Championships to the region should provide a boost and push the Mid O event to a three group format. If there are enough GTS cars perhaps we could get our own run group, but more likely would be a three way split which could make a mid-speed group where you could fins GTS1-2 & maybe 3. The Championships should be GTS only.


GTS1 ran pretty much as the fastest car in the run group, barring a stray STR2 car, last year, starting up front. This year regional events could put the GTS1 car on the slow end of the mid-speed run group. The Championships would then put GTS1 at the very back. This is all good! Even though we may be competing against the same cars the races will be very different considering the change in the run group.

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In MidAtlantic we typically split GTS1-2 and GTS3-U in separate groups. Totally depends on entries (and not last minute or late ones either).


If there are enough GTS guys registered, officials will make necessary adjustments.

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