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slack in drive line...normal?


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Dunno if its just my car... or its all 325's do this(only 325 i have ever drive/seems like a common issue on forums)

BUT.. has anyone noticed the slack in the drive-train ?

for example if you let car roll in gear and it gets to the point where it jerks back and forth you feel there is slack/a clunking noise in the drive-train.


or if you engage clutch to aggressively/not smoothly you get a clunk...


if its not normal.. any suggestions on what it could be?


i have poly motor and tranny mounts.. guibo and CSB look fine.

i do need to change out the rear end bushings as i think they are original but im putting that off til i find a 3.15 lsd.


i have also noticed there seems to be a bit of play in the drive shaft. aka if i grab it with my hand and twist/spin it back and forth there is a clunking noise from the play between the joints..




this is my first car with a drive shaft i have ever bother to touch/// is that normal?

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I would imagine you might have something giving in the rear if you hear a clunk sound and the front part is tight with new mounts etc. I can't say I have a clunk sound from my E36, but my E39's got it and I'm assuming some bushings in the back are worn. Sorry I can't help you much, but I would put in some new bushings in the rear and for the diff mount. You need them anyway if they might be original. Then see if you still have the issue


As for turning the driveshaft while the car is up in the air I think that's normal. Mine does too if I remember correctly. Not much, but I believe you can rotate it a few degrees back and forth, and also hear it engage the gears. I might be wrong however, but I can think of why it shouldn't be able to do that.

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+1 to what Anders said.


I would take a look at the front diff mount bushing. Those are notorious for going bad and will give you a nice clunk as you're engaging the clutch.


If you look at how the diff is mounted, the front support is the weakest part by far and probably takes the most abuse both from the rotating driveshaft, and the force created from accelerating. The rear mounting brackets are pretty solid.


That would be my first place to look if all the other equipment in front of the diff have been replaced.


Check it out and report back, and we'll see if we can give you some more options with some more information.


Good luck!

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I have ALL the Spec3 Legal OEM rear end bushings and nuts/bolts/hardware and weld in plates to completely rebuild the ENTIRE REAR for a E36. I purchase all this from Chris at Bimmerparts.com [email protected]....

If you need rear end parts...I got them for cheap!




I have the correct M3 type RTABS per the Spec3 part numbers, as well for the other bushings.


Note: I sold my Spec3 car and purchased another race car (350Z) before installing this stuff. It needs to go to a Spec3 racer...make me an offer! PM me for part numbers and details!


$500 for the entire kit. OBO


I also have 3x e36 diffs, 1X 3:15 OPEN DIFF in good condition, and 2x 3:23 LSD Diffs that have bearing issues / make noise...$100 for all 3 to a Spec3 racer....I will deliver to RA in Dec...I know a bunch of Mid-A racers are attending this event...save BIG on shipping


Some of the stuff on this post is sold...but it list the rear end bushing part numbers



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mine appears to have the slack you're talking about also (and so does my M3)...I'm just kinda ignoring it for now - but I have ALL new bushings so I think it could be the actual drive shaft U joint which is slowly giving out.

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i agree.. cars can be a mystery sometimes.


my new thinking on car is: if its not COMPLETELY broken dont bother trying to figure out what is it..


sometimes you just throw money and can never sold the issue. hehe


i'm prob still going to change those bushings tho, they need changing

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the dual mass flywheel has some give, the guibo is rubber and has some flex, all the connections and joints on the drive shaft have some play each bushing is going to have some give. none of these things is going to be noticeable by its self but they add up on top of each other to give a noticeable amount of play. its something i would consider normal and not worry about.

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