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65 mustang prep


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this forum is a nice idea, and very timely. i was just wondering who to talk to about my question.


I am getting my 65 mustang (coupe) ready to run HDPE - never run before, but very anxious- and am curious about one of the technical requirements. One thing led to another and i now have a fuel cell (Fuel Safe Enduro Cell). i understand from the rules that i have to have a metal bulkhead between the tank (trunk in this case) and the driver's compartment. i already have a piece of steel sheetmetal covering (sealed tight) the large area where the back seat was and i am planning to fill in the holes (for speakers, etc.) in the rear deck. The local tech station is of the opinion that metal means steel, not aluminum, but he admits that he is not familiar with this issue and would not look at that himself.


The questions are:


1) Should i forget about it and not worry? i don't want to go through all the work i've done and get turned down on track day.


2) If i need to worry, can i use sheet aluminum, rather than steel, for filling in these holes; it would sure be easier to use? if so, what guage?


3) Also, there is an open passage from the trunk to the passenger compartment through the fenders on each side. this passage goes from the trunk to the rear window mechanism area and there is a steel skin over the window mechanism, but it is not sealed by any means. do i need to install a bulkhead into the two passages? If so, can I make it of aluminum? I can probably rivet it to some of the inside structure, but on the outside, it is just the fender and i would hope to seal it up with fire rate putty/foam/something, NOT rivets.



thanks, i look forward to some input.


see you at the track i hope.

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the fuel cell meet FIA FT-3 specs, made by Fuel Safe. thanks for you very useful input. that answered all my questions.

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