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We're in for 2011...


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My family is no stranger to the 25 hour, but we have never done a full WERC season. We plan to change that this year. Sprints are getting boring, so next week we begin construction on a new honda that will be purpose built to contest ES. Depending on when the first event is scheduled, it may be tough getting it together by then, but we are looking forward to a season of racing against trucks and V8 prototypes .


We will keep you guys updated on our progress, and sponsors as they come on board.


Looking forward to the schedule. Any one have any clues?


Chris Lock

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I think people tend to calculate racing expenses in terms of hours, which is a fine way to do it. Consumables and all are (mostly) proportional to time. Also, I think acquiring some specialized equipment scares away some, even though getting some fueling jugs, fire extinguisher, kitty litter, and lights are one time expenses that most racers can deal with.


There are a few thing I have found true about enduros, that make it cheaper than many realize:


1)A typical NASA sprint weekend is 2 hours of track time. Enduros about 3.25. Not a whole lote more.

2)You use more of your tires in an enduro. Serious sprint racers buy new tires more often to eek out those tenths that make the difference in a sprint. In an enduro, everyone has to run their tires beyond when they would be take-offs for sprints. Basically, you get more track time out of every set of tires

3)Sprint classes confine you to a spec tire, while enduros give you options for tires that have better life.

4)If you aren't chewing them up, enduros put fewer heat cycles on a set of tires than sprinting. 6 cycles a weekend compared to just 2. Light cars like the ones we run really go the distance. One set was good for two enduros for me one sesaon, when sprinting I was buying a new set every 1.5 weekends for the same car.

5)the biggy: expenses shared with a partner


The there is the fact that enduros encompass ALL aspects of racing, including the strategy. Sprinting is only an exercise in tactics, especially in a NASA 25 minute race. The enduro brings in aspects of racing we all love, like the pitstop, the COMEBACK, etc. And engages other aspects of vehicle performance besides speed into the competition, like fuel mileage, balance on long runs, rugedness...


Enduros have always been more satisfying to me. can't wait to get out there again.


I hope we can build the series back to something more than just being second class. NASA reputation is tied to endurance racing. Any plans to build the series this year? Better qualifying? more events? Longer races in norcal?

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No there is not a group leader. It is basically Jerry and Ryan. When I asked Dave a question he referred me to Richard. So... nobody has a real handle on it

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Maybe nominating someone for this role would be a good first step to being treated like other groups. All the other groups have someone to lobby for their series, and serve as the conduit for communication between the group and the sanction. I nominate Richard.

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