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95 Miata, looking to build a SM


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Best thing you can do is get a copy of Dave from Advanced Autosports book on SM building and read the rule book. That's what I've been doing for my build and its worked out so far.

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Dave Wheeler's book at



He also sells a kit called "Spec Miata In a Box"



Join Mazdaspeed (it's free) and they'll give you a good discount on parts. http://www.mazdamotorsports.com/membershipinfo.htm


Ground zero for Spec Miata on the Web is http://www.specmiata.com/ though they are archiving that site at the end of the month and moving to http://www.mazdaracers.com/ . It's a who's who of SM racing both regionally and nationally. Lot's of good build info and help.


What region are you going to run?



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