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Electrical cut-off and fire system switch decals location


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Hi, I just had my cut off switch installed by the a-pillar (close to the light switch), and my fire system pull cable is where the handbrake would be. It is hard to find a good location for the shut-off switch decal that is close to the switch. I could squeeze it on the a-pillar itself (it's a bit wider than the pillar), or place it next to the number plate on the door. What do you think is best? And for the fire system "E" decal I guess I'll place one inside the car next to it. Should I also put one on the passenger door as this is the best entry for a course worker to reach it?



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Two things:


1. I would recommend putting the shut-off switch sticker on the door just below the side mirror or similar. If there is no room, consider the winshield (but buy a second sticker at some point because windshields get cracked and need to be replaced).


2. I would highly recommend adding an additional pull cable for the fire bottle very close to the passenger window. I love corner and EV workers and HIGHLY appreciate their time, effort, and bravery, but I cannot rely on the fact that they would reach into (or in the case of your e-brake location, have to dive into) a burning car. The closer a cable is to a window opening, the better. This is one issue I will be addressing during the first few months of the year.


All the best and congrats on getting the car one step closer to the finish line.


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Thanks Jon! I hope if Im unconsious enough not to pull the cable Im screwed anyway if they dont want to get inside. But the course workers are my heros so making it easy for them is certainly a priority. I'll look into it!

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