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NASA Mid-Atlantic Reserved RACE & TT car numbers


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I posted this on another thread in this forum from a person who had questions, and I thought my explanation would be helpful here too.


The fee will be yearly and is permanent for that race or TT season. A driver would need to register again for the following year.

The number is good for the entire Race Group (Thunder or Lightning) or TT. The amount of administrative time in working with car numbers and emails from drivers wanting a certain number (but didn't register early enough, etc) can be overwhelming, particularly during the last week prior to an event when time is already very limited due to preparations for the event. We believe this will cut down significantly on that time, confusion and frustration from drivers who want a certain number.

And keep in mind it is not mandatory to participate, and there may be times when you would get your number because another driver did not show up or you registered first before another driver who also did not pay to reserve his number. Or you can choose a three digit number that is very unlikely to be chosen. But, if a driver is attached to and wants a permanent number, he can register for it and not worry. If he doesn't mind rolling the dice and potentially having to change the number with racer tape, he doesn't have to register. But keep in mind that if you run 6 events it is less than $9 per weekend. Thanks and hope this clears things up a bit.

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