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Whats it worth. Porsche content.

K Shaw

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So what do you all think this car is worth. Seller wants me to make a offer and I dont want to go so low that its offensive.


1981 Porsche 931. Rebuilt motor/head/turbo. Body straight. Interior ok. The head was removed at one time and never reinstalled so the short block may not be any good or at least needs a good hone to remove rust from the cyl walls. Seller also has another known good short block that he will toss in. I would have to drive 8 hours one way to get it so add in the price of diesel fuel to get it.



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While I have always liked 931s, they are not popular cars to own and they don't get much love. Also, stock performance levels are less than a 944. Since your signature indicates you are a VW mechanic, I'm guessing you're aware that the 931s are also less reliable and some parts are difficult to source. Therefore, I would say that a 931 value would be less than a comparable-condition early 944. If the chassis is straight with little rust and the interior is decent, and you're bidding based on photos, and you know it doesn't run, I'd bid $1,000 knowing that what you really ought to do is swap in a VW 2.0 TFSI turbo motor and a 951 transmission.




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ha. How about a turbo ABA/ABF with motronic the turbo mounted on the other side ala 951.


Used ABAs are cheap. Junk yard a 91/92 16v 2.0l head. Toss that onto the ABA creating a boost friendly CP ratio of 8.1 and then a Holset turbo from a Dodge truck, external wastegate and a full 3inch exhaust.


Only problem is I;m pretty sure the front subframe/cradle would take a bunch of work to get anything but the Audi ebngien to fit and then you would need some sort of bell housing adapter plate.


However a Audi 20v T 5 cylinder will bolt up to the Porsche bell housing and they actually fit the cradle with a small amount of fiddling around.

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