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RallyCross Event March 20th Englishtown NJ


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RallyCross East was just formed this past month and is pleased to announce the holding of their first RallyCross test competition on March 20th. The RallyCross competition event location will be at Englishtown NJ on the road course.The track configuration will be a combination of pavement combined with lots of off track dirt areas . We will be running the same European RallyCross formats as in the past for all 2WD and 4WD cars. The event signup will be posted by the middle of next week at www.etownraceway.com Just click on the download button for the event entry form and either fax it back or mail it in.


All cars must pass NJ CHAPTER 62 Safety Rules No Exceptions!!!! as the State Police will be enforcing the RULES. All drivers need a full face helmet 2005 or newer SNELL Approved, Seat Belts SFI 2yrs on the date and FIA belts 5yrs.

The cost will be $100.00 per car this includes the driver and one crew member. Additional crew members and spectators will be $10 each.


We are also proud to announce Racing World Magazine to be the official publication of this new series. They will be covering all the events doing driver profiles and covering the series event results in their publication.


Our plans are to hold 3 to 4 more RallyCross competitions once we see how the turnout is from this first test event. Lots more news to come on Sanctioning and Sponsors for these events. Please pass the word!!!


We look forward to seeing you at our first RallyCross competition event March 20th.


Registration is now up on the website goto http://www.etownraceway.com Fax in your info and then mail it in with a check. We should have the 2011 Rally Cross rules sometime this week.


Here is the new 2011 Rally Cross Rule book we are going to use. Again once we see the interest it will determine how many races in the future we will have. Should you have any questions please feel free to call me or email me Bill Buff [email protected] or 732-361-2555 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1935550/2011...RulesFinal.pdf

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Course layout is AWESOME!!! 5 dirt sections course looks to be a 60 40 course maybe even more than 40percent dirt. The course is about 8 tenths of a mile long. We have 2 banked corners one on th asphalt and one in the middle of a dirt section. The course will be a minimum of 30 ft wide and in areas 4o plus ft wide.


Rally Cross racer Rich Bodmer volunteered his truck to set the course He did a great job dirting it up Thanks Rich!!




Here is a link to a one lap video sorry didn't bring my GOPRO so it's bumpy on the video

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Here are some pics of the course layout for anyone interested. There are no jumps for the first event just dirt and some mud to drive through.



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