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NASA FL Homestead March 12-13th


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Hey Racers,


It’s been over a month since our last race...I bet you are all “itchin’ and twitchin’” to get back to racing (I know I’m)...Well the wait is almost over...we’ll all be racing in several weeks...while most of the rest of the country is still battling winter.


Here’s the sign up link: http://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1227

Please remember to sign up before 6pm on March 5th (next Sat.) to receive the discounted rate.


Here’s the link to all the event details: http://drivenasafl.com/speed/content/homestead



Admittance to the paddock starts 7 AM on the days of our events.

Paddock access FRIDAY for the purpose of trailer drops to be determined.

If approved:

* Paddock entry is allowed ONLY between 5:00-6:30 PM.

* Exit from the paddock is a strict 7 PM deadline.

RV overnight camping options:

A) Overnight RV camping is permitted outside the tunnel entry gate for no charge..electrical hookups are NOT available.

Park in the grassy areas off the main access road (which must be kept clear for 2-way traffic at all times).

B) TBD: RV camping inside the paddock Sat (with electrical hookups) for fees charged and collected by track representatives.$25/night and additional fee for electrical hookup. Ask Gate Guard about paddock RV camping arrangement details.


Track side support sponsors:

*Tires Performance Tread..allow min four days for Hoosier & Toyo orders & 10 days for shaved Toyos http://www.performancetread.com/

*5X Racing-SM race car parts,oils/fluids, driver & pit gear, camera systems. Spec Miata rental & set up assistance by appointment. http://5xracing.com/

*Breathless Performance- personal pre-event service & trackside support. http://www.breathlessperformance.com/



Well, I hope to see everyone there and ready to have a weekend of fun racing.





Be well and drive fast,

Jim Blaisdell

NASA FL Spec Miata Series Director

5xRacing Team Driver

Rossini Racing Products Rep.

[email protected]


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Come out and challenge the toilet bowl! There's gonna be lots of 5.0 guys trying to drive small cars!


Good times ahead guys, our SM program is becoming one of Floridas best kept secrets!

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