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Setting up a spec miata for enduro


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Looking forward to doing more enduros this year. I have a 99 SM set up for NASA SM. What can I do to it to still stay in E3 (remove plate? tires? weight?)?



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Figure out what the fastest prep level is for your Miata


ITA SCCA (is a 99 legal in IT?)

PTE NASA E3 Tires used determine PT tire points assessment




*not sure what SS class the Miata fits

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I'm guessing PTE is probably the fastest. Anyone have experience picking one of these classes for a SM to stay in E3? I'll have to do the points, but might me nice just to ditch the RP and throw on some hoosiers.

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If you want to remain SM legal I would just pull the restrictor and change tires (if you want to run Hoosiers, Good Years or BFG). The RA1's would be economical and very consistent.


If you want to focus on Enduros then a proper PT build is going to be your best choice.


Enduro Rules



PT Rules and classification form



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Make sure you hand in a copy of your PT clasification form to your PT director. If you don't have one send it to your regional office and keep one with your car

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