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beaverun HPDE??


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Hello, I am new to all this. I am trying to find where and when the HPDE's are held in my area ( pittsburgh). Is there a place where they are listed, or should I head for each track's web site? I have looked thru NASA's web site and found info, but no details. Thanks in advance

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Hi Hondaguy!


The OH/IN region will be at BeaveRun for HPDE's August 30-Sept 1 (2 or 3 day entries!), and September 27-28 (1 or 2 day entries). Our website it http://www.racenasa.com . Registration for the events are at http://www.nasaproracing.com in the "Event Registration" section. If you have any questions, please send me an email at [email protected] .


Hope to see you at the track soon!


Lawrence Mansier

OH/IN Region Director


PS: We just finished up a weekend at Nelson Ledges. 4 Hours on track for all HPDE drivers, classroom, instruction, party Saturday night, and lots of sprint and enduro racing to watch. It was a blast!

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