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Roll call for ButtonWillow Enduro


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Looking forward to our next night enduro. This year Sampson Racing Communications has teamed up w/ Charlie Buzzitte and will be racing the Silver #60 Mazda Rx7 1st gen in E1. We are looking forward to a great season and the ending with the 25 hr Enduro !


See ya at the track!

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color me a solid maybe!


Gotta see how the car does after this weekend's double @ BRP.


Anyone know which track confugration wil lrun in the enduro?




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I'm going to try to be there in E2 with a 944-spec car. I need some sponsoring help. Don't we all? I'm busy these days looking under every rock for it.

I'm looking forward to again using the radios you sold me last year. Good stuff, thanks!

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I think brian and I are going to run it in my E2 del sol. We ran the rainy one at thill but got rearended by the old fantacy junction integra and got stuck in the mud for about 4 laps, bad news in a 3 hour race. No hard feeling though guys, it was raining a lot. See ya at bwillow.

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