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T2 Ford torquesensing/biasing diffs- group buy


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Looking to buy some T2 diffs for 8.8 Ford rears, for either IRS or solid axle.

The MSRP from Ford is currently $587.40 and if we can get a few more buyers to commit, the price will be $429.83 from my supplier. They have warehouses on the west and east coast to keep shipping lower.

Myself and one other are in and am looking for more...if we can bump it to 10, maybe a better price yet. A reduction of $157 will help balance your fuel expenses and have the best road racing or street driving differential out there. Torsen style diffs are the greatest. Or you could buy a Quaife for $1295!! Think about it......



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Since we don't have enough for the group buy now my supplier said we could also add any GM units to the group. The bad news is that prices are predicted to go up by 3-10% on June 1 so anyone interested should contact me quickly. Since they are located in TN, the units will have to be shipped to me for further distribution. The GM units maybe priced differently....I'll have to ask.


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