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245/40-17 Continental Challenge tires


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I picked up a set of these 245/40-17 Conti Challenge tires (the Hoosier relabels). They are in great shape, looks like they were used once for qualifying or something in the March (?) GA race. Here's the deal though: I had actually ordered a set of the 275/40-17s, and there was a mix-up in delivery. I'm trying to help out my tire guy, and not stick him with the re-shipping cost for these (which isn't cheap). I'm located near Baltimore, MD and will be at Summit Point this weekend (4-9-11) with NASA, and VIR with Trackdaze near the end of the month (4-23-11). If anyone local is interested in them, let me know ASAP. We're working out the price details right now, but it'd probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-75/tire, probably also minus shipping costs. I don't have pics right now, but can get some up shortly.

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They are still available, and yes, 40 not 45. Here are the pics:







All four tires are in the same condition, this'll give an idea. Total price will be $450 for the set.

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