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Just talked to Rob. Please consider these wheels as sold - just figuring out the logistics and possibly some tires that might go with them.


We'll be using these wheels on our NASA TTB '11 GT (above) soon.


If anyone is going to be traveling through NC (near I-95) and then headed west through Dallas (I-20) and wants to make some $ for delivering these 7 wheels, please let me know at fair (at) vorshlag (dot) com.


Thanks Rob!


[edit - we stopped hearing from him and the deal fell thru]

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well i had a bad experience buying from him - i thought he would be trustworthy since he is a prominent figure in mustang road racing - as a racer/magazine columnist. i bought his forgelines he had for sale - took him 3 weeks to finally ship them after payment. i had to constantly ask for updates, and he still hasn't given me a reason why it took so long.


i specifically told him how to package them so they wouldn't get damaged in shipping, which he did not follow at all. one was just thrown in a box with no padding so the lip got bent pretty bad in transit. the others were thrown into large boxes with the large air pocket packing (which is absolutely terrible to use for large heavy objects. i also specifically instructed him to tape cardboard on the faces of each wheel so they wouldn't scratch each other when packed 2 in a box - which he did not do... so the lips are all scratched up from banging around in the box.


he also did not mention 3 of the 7 wheels are not matched, they are stepped lips and not the reverse lips that the other 4 are. so i do not have matching spares, not to mention 1 of them is now unusable due to the damage unless i pay ~$300 for a new lip.


i brought all of this to his attention and all he basically said was "sorry you are not happy, i hate selling things.... they were cheap anyway". sorry i do not have $1500 laying around like some people do, so this is an investment for me. he has not responded to any of my messages since.


although i am new here, i have hundreds of feedback on MANY forums and have bought and sold things online since 97, so please do not discount my statements just because i'm new.

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I hate to heap on more more criticism, but I also tried to buy these wheels. After one phone call and several emails we stopped hearing from him... poof. He didn't want to be bothered to ship the wheels and we just couldn't get any forward motion on the sale. Now that I hear how poorly they were shipped (my #1 fear), I'm glad my deal fell through.


Sorry for your bad luck, xcoldricex.

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so he evidently lied to me when he said he had another buyer that was offered to pick them up.


it really is not difficult to package wheels. i've sold at least 5 sets of wheels and all of them have gotten to the buyers with NO damage. you just need to use common sense. two large, heavy metal objects do not play well with each other, all you need is some thick cardboard in between them. i even went out of my way to find proper sized boxes for him to use and everything.


i also like how he came and just wrote sold on his threads and did not comment on this at all, what a great seller.... especially since he repeatedly reassured me "i'm a prominent member of the community, i'm not going to rip you off".

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yeah that's too bad.


and that's too bad a prominent member of the community with 2000 posts and is active in the mustang scene can get away with stuff like this.

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