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Buttonwillow 3-Hour Enduro Race Report

Karen Salvaggio

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29 endurance racing teams took the green flag at the WERC season opener held at

Buttonwillow Raceway. Drivers and crew were well-prepared for the competition,

with clean driving, safe pit stops, and very few penalties issued being the

hallmarks of the event. Yes, there were a few incidents and some penalties but

who would expect less in a day/night enduro? Especially given the Buttonwillow

reality of a fine, talc-like dust cloud that settles over the track (and your

windshield) when even a single wheels drops off the asphalt from one of the

competitiors, making night vision and "spotting" the track surface extremely

difficult at times. However, the WERC drivers and crew drove with skill and

performed clean pitstops, demonstrating last Saturday night why they are the

best of the best!! Congratulations to all of our endurance racing teams!!!!!!!


Special Thanks!

The new and improved Live Timing & Scoring system was a success, and we owe a

big thanks to Roman Vaisman (Ezlogy) for stepping up and making the new system

happen! Kudos to Gene and Merle Anderson and to Corla Wade for their hard work

up in timing and scoring as well. Great teamwork!



The Enduro 101 session was very popular as well, and hats off to Rob Gibson from

RJ Racing who stepped in to assist Team Thunder Valley Racing in the

co-presented session. RJ Racing also hosted the Enduro BBQ at noontime on

Saturday for all endurance racers, and from the large line at the BBQ grill and

lots of happy faces, I'd say it was a hit as well!!!





Hats off and big thanks to Troy Lindstrom (Lynam Racing Team) for creating the

awesome trophies for the overall enduro podium finishers, and for hosting the

after race celebration and beer garden!! Needless to say, a good time was had by



Buttonwillow #-Hour Enduro Results


Class ESR

1st Green Alternative Motorsports


Class ES

1st Lynam Racing

2nd Team Super Truck

3rd Tool Racing


Class EO

1st Team Bullet Performance

2nd Road Shagger Racing

3rd Team Bimmerworld


Class E1

1st Scion Racing

2nd Team TB

3rd BAF Racing


Class E2

1st 949 Racing

2nd Team Mansour

3rd Team Lapp Racing


Class E3

1st RJ Racing

2nd Gopher Guillotine

3rd Sampson Racing Communications


Next event: Thunderhill, May 14-15, 2011.

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I loved the new LIVE timing and scoring sytem! (I now have an AP for that!! )


Will this be a feature for all of the WERC events or just at Buttonwillow?

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Hi Shawn,


The plan is to have the live timing and scoring system available at all WERC events. Roman gets big kudos for pulling this one off!!!


We'll be bringing the system to the May Thunderhill event with the hopes of getting all teams on the system so we can test the resiliency at that venue. It was great to see you at Buttonwillow!!!



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