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ignition hot wire? Kill switch install


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Im having to redo my kill switch install in the 2000 Mustang GT race car I bought. Which wire is the ignition wire that I need to splice my kill switch into?


Should I splice in under the dash or near the fuse box?


Im wiring illiterate and have my race school on Friday! Any pics would be a great help.


Thank you,


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I beleive its a moroso. It was on the car when I bought it. Has two large lugs and two small posts on the bottom. From what Ive read the large posts are for the + cable from the battery to the starter and the small posts are for the ignition wire.


I have the battery to starter cable figured out, just need to know which ignition wire to use?

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For the 2 smaller posts, you can probably use the fuel pump circuit, ECU ground, etc. to kill the engine (if it's easier to find those wires). Run a continuity test on all posts to ensure that there will be no shenanigans when both circuits are closed.



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Got the kill switch in. I soldered in 18 gauge green wire to the green/yellow field wire off the 4g DOHC alternator. Ran these longer wires to the kill switch small posts to drop the alternator field when the switch is flipped. Works great.

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