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Data Acquisition


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I have a traqmate that I think is pretty nice, but everyone seems to be going towards the AIM system. Maybe Eric Wong can chime in on this. he has experience with both these systems.

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I'm saving for the Racepak IQ3 to get sensors in the same unit.


This one is pretty ballar!. Did want, but I'm waiting on my TraqMate.

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I picked up a used Traqmate Complete in February. I love it. Perfect for what I need.


The trick with any data acq. system is to get good reference data to compare to. Not just the track, but a similar car. Getting your friend's 400HP AWD Evo isn't going to help much (but better than nothing). Assuming you guys will share up there, that shouldn't be a problem.


I ran Homestead with it and did awesome at throwing down two days worth of laps that were within 0.5s of each other, but off the pace. I really didn't have much clue as to where I could go faster. After I got home and got someone else's TM data from a GTS2 325is, it was brutally easy to see where I was messing up.


Now if I can just get some Sebring data BEFORE going to the track

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