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Recent Regional AI Director Announcements


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I just posted a technical bulletin above to notate the following regional AI Director changes.


TEXAS - NASA regrets to announce that Rob Liebbe has stepped down from his responsibilities as AI series director for personal reasons. Rob will continue to be part of our family and is currently dividing his time between building a new racecar and moving his family into a new house.


We are happy to announce that Marshall Mosty will be stepping up to the position of Texas Regional AI and CMC Co-Director. Marshall had been a NASA regular since 2005 when Marshall took AIX Rookie of the Year honors.


ROCKY MOUNTAIN - NASA regrets to announce that RayBob Coleman has stepped down from his responsibilites as the head AI Dude for personal reasons. RayBob will continue to be a part of the AI/CMC family and will concentrate his racing efforts in CMC. We thank RayBob for the tremendous work & time put in to grow the American Iron region (and GM following!).


In the interim, until a new AI series director is named, Chris McComb, will act as the AI/CMC Series Director for the region. Chris has been a longstanding NASA member and has been the CMC Series Director since the Rocky Mountain region was formed.


CALIFORNIA - NASA is pleased to announce that Corey Weber will step up to the role of AI Asst. Director. Corey is a longtime NASA racer and also the owner of Agent 47 Racing products. His perspective & creativity is a huge asset to the California region and will help restore the class car count to the days of origin. Corey will work closely with Adam Ginsberg the regional AI/CMC Series Director.


-=- Todd

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