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FS: Enkei RPF1 17x8 5x114.3 +45 Key lime green

Cone Eater

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These Enkei RPF1s are 17x8" 5x114.3 +45offset. The faces are painted with what I'm told is "key lime green". The inner portion of the wheels are still silver. There are a few small chips in the green with silver showing through, and some light overspray on the inner portion of some of the wheels. They look awesome from 10ft, let's say that. Physically, they are in perfect shape. They were used for Autocross only, and have NO curb damage, NO bends, etc. These are perfect candidates for a custom paint/powder coat to taste, or leave them as they are and go racing!


I will also include Subaru sized hub-centric rings!


The tires pictured are garbage and will be dismounted before shipping.


I just sold a set of RPF1s in this same size with heavily worn tires for $1000 shipped, but since I know these are an odd color and the buyer may want to repaint them, the price reflects that.

$750 Shipped OBO

These pics don't do them justice. They're more green and less yellow than they appear here.











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