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WERC Rounds 2 & 3: Thunderhill Raceway May 14-15

Karen Salvaggio

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The Western Endurance Racing Championship heads to Thunderhill Raceway Park in just a little over two weeks. With 29 cars competing in our season opener at Buttonwillow earlier this month, the WERC Series is off to a great start! These are two separately scored WERC Series events (Race 2 & Race 3), and competitiors have the option of signing up for either or both of the races. May 14-15 Thunderhill Raceway Event Registration: http://www.nasaproracing.com/event/1211


May 14 - Saturday's enduro will be a 1.5 hour race to be held 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM. The enduro start will take place in conjunction with Race Group B, and one mandatory fuel stop will be required for all competitors in Classes, EO, E1, E2, and E3. A checkered flag for Race Group B will be displayed at the 30 minute mark, however as in the 6 Hours at Thunderhill, WERC competitors will continue until the final checkered flag at 6:00 PM.


May 15 - Sunday's enduro will find WERC competitors on-track again with Race Group B at 8:00 AM for warm-up, green flag at 8:10 AM, and race finish at 10:10 AM.


Enduro 101

Competitors new to endurance racing, or those interested in jumping in for their first enduro are invited to attend the Enduro 101 session to be held in the Driver's Lounge immediately following the Saturday morning mandatory Driver's Meeting. Review of basic endurance series rules, pit space requirements, and safety will be provided.


A note about 2011 WERC season points awards/calculation system......The following information details the 2011 WERC season points system....This IS the official points system the WERC will use to determine 2011 WERC Championship


Re-posted from March 2011 3/11/2011 WERC Update

Thanks to everyone that has provided suggestions here and through the NASA WERC group. We've been working on a number of things, and here are a few updates:


1. The WERC will be an 8-race series for 2011

2. The May and August Thunderhill events will be held as two separately scored races on those weekends (1-Saturday, 1-Sunday)

3. WERC season points will be determined as a "Best of 7"

4. One race drop will be allowed in the determination of overall season points championship

5. Only a race from the May or August Thunderhill events will be eligible as a drop

6. No other races are eligible as drops in the season points calculations

7. Teams that score points in all eight WERC races will have their lowest race score (no DQ's) dropped for points calculations......


2011 Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC)

April 9, 2011 - Buttonwillow (3hr)

May 14-15, 2011- Thunderhill (Saturday 1.5 Hr. & Sunday 2 Hr. )*

June 25, 2011 - Buttonwillow (3hr)

August 13-14, 2011 - Thunderhill (Saturday 1 Hr. & Sunday 2 Hr.)*

October 8, 2011- Buttonwillow (3hr)

December 3, 2011 - Thunderhill (6 hr)


*This is a Two-Endurance Race weekend, with two separately scored endurance races: One on Saturday; One on Sunday.


WERC Season Championship Points Calculation:

The WERC season championship is an eight-race format for 2011. The WERC season points championship will be determined as a best of 7 races in which the team competes during the year.


Competitor's note: One (1) race drop will be allowed from either the May 14-15 or August 13-14 Thunderhill events in determining the WERC season points championship. All other endurance races on the WERC schedule will count toward calculation of season points, and no other races may be dropped, including the 6 Hours at Thunderhill. Race teams that compete in all eight WERC events will have points from their lowest scoring WERC event finish (other than a DQ) dropped in determining their best of seven for overall season points calculations. (Club Code (CCR's) and Supplemental Endurance racing rules apply).


Best regards,




------Season Points Information: NASA CCR's & NASA Endurance Racing (for those that enjoy reading the rules)---------


For those interested in the rules regarding the season points award system for the 2011 WERC, here are a few of the details from the 2011 NASA CCR's, as well as info from the latest revision (2010) of the Endurance Racing reg's...Bottom line....A region or series has the latitude to determine the system of points awards/drops for the season. In the absence of an alternative points system, the CCR outlines a default system which may be used. The 2011 NASA WERC season points calculation will use the system outlined above (8-race series, scored as a Best of 7, with one points drop allowed, AND, the only "allowable" drop race to be from among the four (4) races held at Thunderhill. All other races (zeros or otherwise) will be scored in the overall season points calculations, unless the competitor/team has competed in all eight (8) race events, at which time the lowest scored race will be dropped from the overall season points calculations (DQ's cannot be dropped).


2011 WERC Season Points calculation:

2010.7 Endurance Racing Regulation (most current Reg's as of 4/26/11):

6.3. Season points will be awarded as per the CCR. The teams are NOT allowed to drop any races from

their season points, unless otherwise posted from the NASA office. Races that are six hours and longer

will be scored as double points. Note: The regional administration may modify this rule.


2011.6 NASA CCR: Season Points


22.0 Calculating Season Points


22.1 Season Points System

Season points systems are controlled by each Region, and may vary. Each Region reserves the right to place restrictions on any part of the season points system, and set a minimum class size, if necessary. If a Region does not publish a season points system for any given class, then either there will be no season points awarded for that class, or the Region will use the Default System [Ref:(22.1.1)] for that class. It is the competitor‟s responsibility to check with the Region office to ascertain what system, if any, shall be used.


22.1.1 Default Season Points System

Points payout per race as follows:

1st - 100, 2nd - 90, 3rd - 85, 4th - 80, 5th - 75, 6th - 70, 7th - 69, 8th - 68, 9th - 67, 10th - 66 ... and so on, subtracting one (1) point for each position after 10th. All Starters [Ref:(21.2)] that that are not considered a Finisher [Ref:(21.3)] will be given half of the last place Finisher‟s points. Points shall be rounded off to the higher number.


22.2 Dropping Race Scores

Season points dropping systems are controlled by each Region, and may vary. Each Region may use any points drop system. If a Region does not publish a season points dropping system for any given class, then there will be no season points drops for that class. If a points-drop system is used, it is suggested that the Region use the Default System [Ref:(22.2.1)] for that class. It is the competitor‟s responsibility to check with the Region office to ascertain what system, if any shall be used.

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May 14-15 Thunderhill Endurance Race Update


Thunderhill is shaping up to be quite the event. This weekend will feature a number of race groups joining the regular NASA weekend, so the schedule is packed!


Endurance Racers should note the following important items pertaining to the races this weeeknd:


1. The weekend will feature two separate endurance races; a 1.5 hour enduro on Saturday afternoon, and a 2-hour enduro on Sunday morning.


2. Both endurance races will be held inconjunction with Race Group B

Schedule: http://www.nasanorcal.com/events2011/may/schedule.pdf


3. Grid will be set by random draw, according to the rules


4. Both enduros will start double file


5. A checkered flag will be displayed at the 35-minute mark on Saturday, and at the 40-minute mark on Sunday, signifying the end of Race Group B session.




12:05 Enduro Warm-Up


4:30 Enduro (1.5 hour)

Flag-1 Standing, USTCC (results from 11:00 session)

Flag-2 Flying, All E cars (double file)

Flag-3 Flying, Group B (results from 11:45 session, in order

fastest to slowest SU, ST, AI/X, CMC2,




8:00 Enduro Warm-up


8:10 Enduro (2 hour) (total time w/warm-up laps)

Flag-1 Flying, Group B (results from Sat 12:05 Qual, in order,

fastest to slowest SU, ST, AI/X, CMC2


Flag-2 Flying, All Enduro cars (double file)

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Pit Space and Set-up Information (Message from Jerry Kunzman, NASA Nor Cal Regional Director)


WERC Endurance Racers


The starts of both endurance races will be double file. The enduro cars will be gridded using a random method per the rules.


Look at the parking diagrams


Paddock- South http://www.nasanorcal.com/events2011/may/1South_Paddock.pdf

Paddock- Middle http://www.nasanorcal.com/events2011/may/2Mid_Paddock.pdf

Paddock- North http://www.nasanorcal.com/events2011/may/3North_Paddock.pdf


Most of you have a “regular class” such as SM, CMC, etc. If you see a class on one of the maps that meets with your kind of car, even remotely, just park in that area. No one will kick you out. If you don’t see anything you like, then park in the SU, ST area on the paddock South Map. There will be enough parking for everyone, if we all put our extra vehicles in the overflow lot. So, just make some friends and nestle in somewhere.


When you want to setup in the pit lane, you are free to do so. However, we must not have any unused spaces filling from the south end (near start / finish) northward (towards Turn 15). If there is gap, the north-most team moved to the gap. So, I it behooves all teams to take contiguous spots starting with the south-most.


A few minutes before the start time of the enduros, we will send cars out by some random method, usually based on your pit location. We could start at the front, rear, or middle and send them out in order. We could do every other car from back to front, and then front to back, etc., until they are all on track. There is no way to predict where you will end up, so just take the south-most space that’s open.

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Important Racer's Note:


Thunderhill has a full time sound monitoring person on staff, and all on-track

sessions will be monitored. Please be sure that your car meets the sound

requirement BEFORE you get to the track. Racers will be black flagged for sound

violations, and even if you don't receive a black flag, it would be well-advised

to check in with the sound monitoring folks to assure your car is well below the

sound, as you may be below or on the edge during your earlier track sessions,

and then exceed the limit later in the day.


As a note of interest.....Many of the racers that competed in the 25 Hours last

year also participated in the Thursday and Friday practice days prior to the

event, and a number of the racers that met the sound limits on Thursday and

Friday with no problem, were black flagged during the afternoon of the 25 Hours

(Saturday) for sound violations. Needless to say, this was a very frustrating

occurrance for these racers, as they sat in the hot pits repairing/fabricating

sound limiting devices for their cars....Check ahead, assure you're well below,

and be prepared!!!! (Ask me how I know...;.)



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