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2011 25 Hours Supplmental Rules Now Available

Karen Salvaggio

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This is an interesting addition


70) All cars entering through Performance Touring (PT) class mapping are required to have scored points in at

least five (5) NASA PT regional or national races. In other words, no purpose-built PT cars may enter the

25 Hours of Thunderhill.

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Let me first say, I have no dog in this fight...but


Why is that subsection needed?

Seems counter productive....



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It put in to keep peoLe in their respective class. No run SM, MX5 cup etc all year and then try to maximize the PT rules. They must support PT all year

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This does not seem well thought through. I am not sure why you would discourage someone from building a car for the 25 hour or the enduro series in general. What if they don't want to run sprints? How do you determine it is a "legal" PT car with as your prerequisite?


What if I wanted to build an MX5, or a BMW, for enduro, but do NOT want to run a sprint? You are going to make me run ES? That is just silly.

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Don't know if that was a recent addition or not. I seem to remember it when we were deciding to class our GTI in 2008 as GTS or PT. We went with GTS as the car had never been run as PT.



If anybody needs PT starts, here's a great deal:


Any out of region (i.e. non RM) car entered in the 5 hour endurance race at High Plains for the 2nd round of the RMERC will automatically be eligible to run at no cost in any legal PT class of their choice in the 4 sprint races during that weekend. That leaves one to get done.

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