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Team Dynamics 1.2 vs TR Motorsports C1M


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I am looking to get new set of wheels for my 96 Miata that I currently use in HPDE SoCal events. I know this is a Spec Miata forum here in particular, but I was hoping a few of you could give me your thoughts on the Team Dynamics 1.2 and the TR Motorsports C1M. The TD 1.2 reputation seems to speak for itself, so I guess I am curious if anyone has experience running the TR Motorsports C1M? And, is it a good enough wheel to save the extra money it would cost to get the TD 1.2s? I have pretty much narrowed my search down to these 2 wheel options, but are there other spec miata wheel options that I should consider?


Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated!





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I have been using the TRMotorsports wheels since early last year with great success for w2w racing and have zero complaints. They stand up well and for the price, you can't go wrong!


I see them on most of the other spec Miata's now as well.


One of my TRMotorsports wheels came off in back due to a failed hub (video posted here in another spot) AND the wheel didn't even get bent from the failure and was used the following weekend for 2 races!



I used to have the Team Dynamic's wheel (also very good) but the TRM is just cheaper and easier/faster to replace for me being so close to Tire Rack South Bend warehouse (I order today and can get it tomorrow if I needed a replacement).

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I second TRMotorsports wheels. I have had them for over a year now. They were highly recommended to me by Phils Tire Service for price and durability. Phils Tire Service is the tire service company for the Mid Atlantic, Southeast, Northeast and Mid Ohio Regions with NASA and also several SCCA regions as well I believe.


They are my rim of choice for sure.

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