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SM - $$$$Whats this gonna cost me ? lol


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Hey guys , I'm a retired circle track racer from northeast Georgia, been running 24hrs of Lemons and Chump cars for a few years now @ CMP and Robeling. All my team mates are running Nasa in different classes . I'm bored - thinking about looking @ SM . So my Question is - Whats a real good car going to run me ? (Y'all call it a no excuses car) Whats best year model chassis /engine combo to run? What and who should i stay away from ? Thanks Shane

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Just from the limited experience I have...


A well-sorted (spares included) 1.6 liter car, already built and raced (aka used), will run you around $7-10,000. A similarly well-sorted used 1.8 liter will run you $15-18,000. A brand new built 1.8 with all the upgrades, seat, wheels, ect. willl run you $18,000-$30,000 depending what you put in it.


Depending on your size and weight a 1.8 car will be more comfortable whereas the 1.6 is the lighter (and cheaper) option. You'll hear arguments as to whether the 1.6 or 1.8 is the faster car but in the end, with a good motor and fresh tires, the driver will win that race.


If you are planning on competeing a full season and being competitive, with travel expenses and hauling costs, you're looking at around $1500-$2000 a race weekend after consumables, car prep, entry fees, hotels, ect ect... and that's a conservative budget.


You pay for what you get, though. SM is one of, if not the most, competitive amature series in the nation. Fields are regulary over 20 cars and are packed with racers who want to win. I very much enjoy racing in the series!

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Lemme find the new NASA-SE SM director contact info for you...

Here I am!


I'd leave out some information if I tried to answer this question all by myself. If you cruise over to mazdaracers.com and specmiataclassifieds.com and search just a little, you will find reams of information on which car is the one to have, how much you will spend on consumables, etc.


If you have specific questions after that, feel free to contact me at sdevinney (at) goddard-group (dot) com.


There are two body styles, two displacements, and five engine/ECU variants. They are all quite close with a slight nod to the 1.6 cars in current NASA trim (but maybe I'm just biased because I own a 99). Built cars go for $7-25k. Any you can overpay at either end of that range.

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