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2011 Hotlanta Challenge Photography-Take 2


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Hey Travis,


Did you happen to get any pictures of a newer white civic si in HPDE 1?





Curtis, I think I did see some when I was pulling together for someone else in DE 1 last night. I will have a look again, and send you a PM when they are online.





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Kris, you have an email, your proofs are up! You are the only person that I have seen run with no wing, stock wing, and then a big racing wing...at first I thought I was shooting the wrong car!



Haha thanks. Ya was working hard to get that on quickly for TT. But had to get the check ride with no wing, then put the stock one on for the first session, then managed to put the APR on for session 2, and what a difference it made with down force.


Payment sent for the pics. Thanks.

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Thanks. Your disc went in the mail last night.


To the couple of folks I have not gotten to yet...I have not forgotten, just been busy with family stuff preparing for guests this weekend...

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