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2004 Schedule for VVC


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Right now Lawrence is looking into next years schedules. He has sent emails out to the members to ask them what tracks, and what type of events they would like to see. I would definitely email him about what you would like to see. I'm sure he'd be receptive. Here is the site to what the members have said so far.



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We are currently negotiating with the tracks for our 2004 event schedule. The only two dates that are set at this point are the last weekend in May and the second weekend in October both at Putnam Park. The results from our survey are very telling, and will be used to outline the rest of the tracks we attend. Stay tuned to http://www.racenasa.com for more information!



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Here is the TENATIVE schedule that Lawrence sent out. I don't know if he has contracts on these dates as of yet.


March 12-13 Nashville Superspeedway

April 1,2,3 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

May 22-23 Putnam Park Road Course

June 27-28 Mid Ohio Sports Car Course (Special ALMS Pro event for most likely GTS and AI)

July 17-18 Gingerman Raceway

September 4-6 BeaveRun Motorsports Complex

October 9-10 Putnam Park Road Course

October 29, 30, 31 Road America


I plan to run all of these events except for Nashville as I am undecided on that track right now.

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Well crap.


What kind of classes/events does NASA hit at VIR, Summit Point that I could run a Viper?


Try VIPER DAYS at VIR. I ran with em this year and they did a GREAT JOB running the two day event.


Go early, Friday for test & tune!


Not taking away from NASA, but if you have a Viper, try a VIR Viper Days event!

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I ran with you at that event. I was in position #3 of 20 or so in our group and didnt get to improve my times sunday due to tranny probs... may remember my car, the all-black acr.


I am looking for more venues to run at!




possibly CMP, Roebling, Road Atlanta (I KNOW you know that track)

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