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GoRacingTV.com's The Insiders Report – Episode 26


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• SCCA Gets New Tire for SM Class

• Unrest on the Citroen WRC Team

• New additions to the Grand AM 2012 schedule


The Internet’s only weekly, topical report on motor racing, The Insider’s, returns from a busy Summer hiatus Thursday to continue its steady growth at Go Racing TV.


“Our reach and audience this summer has been increasing steadily,” said Tucker. “We’re one of the few places on the web where motor racing fans can find first run programming like The Insiders.


“We’ve been busy developing and producing new programs such as our race coverage of the June Sprints and the SCCA’s Professional Spec Racer Ford Series.” The Spec Racer Ford events include races in Montreal and Trios-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada.


“We’ve been the first with Inside information on things like the new Spec B Series. We have personal contact with the people who are writing the rules and planning the racing,” Tucker said. “We’ll have news and inside information you’ll find no where else.”


The Insider’s streams Thursday evenings at http://www.GoRacingTV.com. It’s hosted by Go Racing TV founder and president Errol Tucker. Regular analysts include sports car insiders Peter Keane and Bill Wood. Guest drivers are a key component to The Insider’s news you’ll find only on Go Racing TV.

Errol J Tucker Sr.


[email protected]


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