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Pretty Cool Trick For you 85.5 and later Guys


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Easier to see, huh?

I just bought a quick release hub from Dave Turner Motorsports. It bolts to the top of the Momo or Sparco steering hubs and extends the wheel out about 3 inches. Now I can see ALL the gauges on my early dash!

I'd still like to swap the tach and speedo.

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I swap the speedo and tach on the pre-85.5 and 924S cars all the time. The speedo cable is barely long enough if you re-route it slightly. Greg F

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Yeah, but a 924S is essentially a pre-85.5 944. What is the difference that would make it not work? Is it the steering support? When I first did my 83 I thought about having our local truck speedometer shop make me a cable, but discovered it wasn't needed. Greg F

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